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I believe that mediation generally provides the best outcome for disputing parties. My philosophy is to engage in mediation utilizing an approach that does not waste the parties’ time but which spends enough time engaging with the parties to permit the parties to find common ground sufficient to resolve their dispute.


Some mediators highlight their vast adversarial and advocacy trial and litigation experience as a plus for their mediation experience and, indeed, it can be. I have a unique perspective on what makes a good mediator. As a lawyer who believes that the uncertainty of trial and prolonged litigation are often a negative for the client, I have developed a distinct temperament for the mediated resolution of lawsuits and disputes. It is a testament to such lawyers that they, like me, are usually able to resolve cases without the potentially harsh consequences (as well as significant expense and time) involved with trial and protracted litigation.  Of course, trials are the "end game" for many lawsuits and are a necessary component of modern litigation practice.  


Most parties to disputes or litigation seek a resolution that is cost effective, has some measure of satisfaction and which ultimately results in a practical end to their conflict.  My extensive experience with so many different kinds of legal disputes provides me with a unique ability to understand the legal issues and impacts involved in disputes and to provide the parties with a clear path to resolution in an efficient manner.  I strive to achieve those goals for the mediating parties.

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